Fear less. Do more. Allow your heart to guide your dreams. Live with hope and always remember your roots. Achieve your bliss. James 1: 22-24 I love that God blessed me with a constant curiosity to learn, discover, and explore. I love taking pictures. I’m able to capture memories, from which that moment’s beauty and laughter can be relived over and over again. I love to travel and experience. Young Life has played such a large part in forming my heart. I’ve been able to renew my spirit daily through the grace that God extends into my life. My family and I reflect each other in our flaws, beauty, and originality. One of my favorite ways to be present is to sit back and enjoy life’s simple moments with a coffee in hand.


A university in Denmark has created a circular dorm that will make you incredibly frustrated at the tiny double room where you spent your college years. Bet you didn’t have french windows, balconies, and a bike workshop.

More photos: The College Dorm You Wish You Lived In

(via thingssheloves)

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